Cyber Defense For Critical Infrastructure

Battle-proven solutions from one of the most attacked companies in the world. 

Anything you have coming, we’ve already overcome.

The Only Critical Infrastructure-Native Cyber Defense Company

CybergymIEC’s unique position as both a heavily targeted organization and a cyber defense company, enables us to help other organizations build their own cyber defense capabilities and comply with regulations.

Cyber Security Fundamentals for Critical Infrastructure

Know your attacker

Leveraging unparalleled understanding of cyber security based on daily experience of real attacks, to expose our customers to future threats through training, validation and solutions.

Defend your assets

Providing a comprehensive defense suite, based on our own experience, that covers people, products and processes, to protect clients with similar challenges.

Comply with regulations

Constantly advancing our solutions according to the changing cyber landscape, to help organizations comply with regulations, today and into the future.

End-To-End Cyber Defense


Optimize and advance the skills and expertise of your critical line of defense, turning your employees into cyber defenders.

Defense Products
Implement a toolkit that will provide decision makers with the most effective cyber picture, enhancing security and resilience.

Value-added services that test, analyze and evaluate your organization’s cyber strategies and technologies, to identify and close any gaps that attackers could exploit.

Industries We Serve

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About CybergymIEC

Born to solve the precise challenges you face today.

Over the past century, the world has witnessed incredible technological advancement alongside a dramatic rise in cyber warfare. As a critical infrastructure company responsible for Israel’s power supply, IEC is one of the most targeted organizations in the world. This dubious honor led to the establishment of one of the most advanced cyber defense companies – CybergymIEC.

Leveraging the experience and knowhow gained by IEC as it defends against endless cyberattacks, we have created a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge training solutions, defense products, and value-added services. Taking into account the work environment and threat models faced by critical infrastructure companies, we ensure that people, products, and processes are prepared and ready to overcome the next attack.

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